After sales services

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The relationship between client and real estate consultant does not end once the sale process ends and he owns the property. A good real estate consultant follows up with his client even after the sale is completed, and this is what Lazurd offers to its clients with what is known as After-Sales Services.

What do the After-Sales Services include?

What does the after-sales services include

The after-sales services that Lazurd provides to its clients include all services that are in the interest of the client, whether legal, residential, or investment after owning the property, and we mention to you some of them:

  • Preparing official papers and documents that guarantee the property owner and his family to obtain Turkish Citizenship through real estate investment.
  • Assisting the client in obtaining real estate residency and opening a bank account.
  • Assisting the client in choosing furniture and home décor through specialized engineers in this field.
  • Assisting the customer in opening home subscriptions (water, electricity, gas, internet, etc..).
  • Obtaining all documents related to the property (title deed, home purchase contract, earthquake insurance contract, etc.).
  • Insuring a tenant of the property if the property owner wants to invest his property while ensuring that the contracts are written in a legal manner that guarantees the right of the property owner to preserve his property and collect the investment return.
  • Giving the client an idea about real estate taxes and rental income taxes while helping him pay these taxes or benefit from reducing them by the available legal means.
  • Assisting the client in the maintenance of the house and securing the necessary experts for this purpose.
  • Reselling the property in case the client decides to sell his property.

The importance of a good real estate advisor in after-sales services:

The importance of a good real estate advisor in after-sales services

The real estate consultant has great importance in providing after-sales services, due to his experience in the real estate market:

  • The real estate consultant is an expert in legal affairs related to the real estate market.
  • The real estate consultant avoids the client from falling into fraud that the client may be exposed to while making the purchase.
  • The real estate consultant translates all clauses of the contract to the client and explains to him the legal consequences of each clause of the contract.
  • The real estate consultant is fully aware of the ways to benefit from tax deductions, thus saving the client good amounts of money.
  • The real estate consultant avoids the client from falling into legal violations related to residency, resulting from exceeding the permissible period of stay or resulting from delays in the payment of financial and other dues.