The most important questions to ask before buying real estate in Turkey 159

The Turkish government has made it possible for foreigners to own and buy real estate in Turkey, where anyone can buy real estate in Turkey. Turks prefer buying real estate in Turkey themselves, while the general foreigners prefer to use the services of real estate companies that have experience in the Turkish market, with the aim of helping them choose the most appropriate property in addition to facilitating legal procedures and ending them as quickly and safely.

From this point of view, we had to inform you of the most important questions that will help you in making a decision to buy real estate in Turkey, and that will help you find the most suitable property for you.

Questions to ask before buying real estate in Turkey:

Any person, before rushing to buy a property in Turkey, must ask some questions to accurately determine his desire and choose the right property, and the most important of these questions to ask are:

1. What are the advantages of buying a property in Turkey?

Buying real estate in Turkey or apartments for sale in Turkey has many advantages, including:

  • The great diversity of construction projects in Turkey, the number of houses in Istanbul alone exceeds one and a half million houses. Most of these projects provide full services such as security guards, swimming pools, indoor gardens, gyms, commercial centers, and others.
  • Turkey has a strong infrastructure in all fields, from electronic services, through communications, to roads.
  • There are many private and public universities in Turkey. There are 209 universities in Turkey, including 131 public universities. Therefore, Turkey is the focus of attention of students around the world, especially with the annual Turkish scholarship, in which Turkey attracts more than 5,000 students annually from different countries of the world to study in it for free at the expense of the Turkish government.
  • Property prices and taxes in Turkey are much lower than in many major countries such as the United States of America, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • The cost of living in Turkey is low compared to many countries in the world, and this is what made it a destination for foreigners and Arabs wishing to settle.
  • Turkey is God's paradise on earth, with thousands of natural, recreational and archaeological tourist destinations, in addition to many huge airports such as Istanbul Airport.
  • The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by simply buying a property or a group of properties worth more than 250 thousand dollars, and thus obtaining a Turkish passport without paying other costs, and obtaining a property at the same time, as the strength of the Turkish passport in 2022 is considered among the strongest in the world, if It is ranked 36th at the beginning of 2022 among the world's passports, and allows its holder to enter 109 countries of the world without obtaining a prior visa (Visa).
  • The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through a bank deposit of 500 thousand US dollars, or an investment of 500 thousand US dollars.

2. What is the purpose of buying a property in Turkey?

This question must be asked first, asking this question will help you choose the right property, as the goal may be to secure a spacious and comfortable home for the family, and the goal of the property may be a long-term investment, or the reason for buying the property may be to obtain real estate residence from In order to facilitate entry and exit to and from Turkey. The purpose of the property may also be to obtain Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport because of its many advantages, strength and ranking among the world's passports.

3. What is the type of property to be purchased?

The type of real estate means whether it is agricultural land, residential real estate, commercial real estate, etc... and is it under construction or ready to move in.

4. What is the budget allocated to buying a property in Turkey?

Everyone who wants to buy real estate in Turkey knows what budget he intends to allocate for this purpose. It is not useful to put all your money in one property, and then be surprised by other taxes that were not taken into account.

Therefore, it was necessary to use a real estate consultancy company in Turkey to inform you about real estate prices in Turkey, property transfer fees, annual taxes on real estate, and other expenses such as translation, notation and money transfer fees, which you need an expert in the Turkish market to inform you about.

5. What is the delivery date for the property under construction?

You should ask about the delivery date for the properties under construction, as it is mentioned in the contract terms the delay fine that the construction company will bear in the event of a delay in handing over the property. For example, the annual profit return may be 5% of the value of the property after it is ready for housing or investment, and any delay in delivering the property on time, will necessarily lead to the buyer losing the profit return, and therefore the construction company must bear this.

6. What is the area in which the property is required to be purchased?

This question aims to accurately determine the area of ​​the property, and determine the city in which you want to buy the property. Will the property be to live in a large city, then you will look for properties in Istanbul, for example, or will it be for recreation and comfort, then you will look for properties in Antalya.

If you are a businessman who travels a lot, you may want to buy a property near the airports, as you will start looking for properties near Istanbul Airport, for example.

If you intend to live in Turkey permanently, then consider looking for a family home close to schools, malls and universities.

You may want to buy a store, then you will start searching for a commercial property in Istanbul that is close to the main roads and shopping places.

For these reasons mentioned above, you will need an expert real estate company in the Turkish market, who will inform you of the latest projects.

7. What are the features of the property you want to buy?

The question about the properties of the property is one of the important questions that affect your decision to buy the property or not. The question about the geographical location of the property and how close it is to the places you need permanently determines whether this property is suitable for you or not.

It is self-evident to ask about the number of rooms, the area, the view, the quality of construction, and the services of the residential complex, including playgrounds, saunas, gyms, and others.

8. What are the taxes for buying real estate in Turkey?

Real estate purchase taxes in Turkey vary between Tapu tax (Tabu registration fee) and real estate profit taxes. But the taxes for buying real estate in Turkey can be summarized as follows:

  • Tapu fee or title transfer fee (Tapu Harcı).
  • Fees for installing the initial purchase contract at the Turkish notary or Noter.
  • Annual property tax in Turkey (Emlak Vergisi).
  • Other expenses such as the monthly compound returns, which are usually monthly expenses that are almost negligible in front of the property price.
  • Real estate profit tax, which is a tax paid on the price difference on a property between the purchase price and the selling price. In the event that the sale took place five years after the purchase of the property, the property owner is exempt from this tax.
  • Luxury real estate tax in Turkey, which is an annual tax for independent residences whose prices are more than 5 million Turkish liras. It has segments and ratios between 3 per thousand and even 10 per thousand for some segments.

9. Type of Tapu (title deed):

Tapu (title deed)

The title deed (Tapu) is an important matter that directly affects the price of the property and the profitability of investing in it. A real estate company you trust should be used to explain to you the difference between the different types of Tapu:

Agricultural title deed - agricultural title deed (blue).
Full Title Deeds - Public Title Deed (Kat Mülkiyeti): Indicates that the property is ready to move in.
Floor easement (Kat İrtifakı): This title deed is given if the project is under construction and incomplete, and after the completion of the project, the full title deed (Kat Mülkiyeti) is extracted.

10. Can foreigners buy a property in Turkey?

foreigners buy a property in Turkey

There are some nationalities that are completely prohibited from owning real estate in Turkey, such as the nationalities: Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Armenia. And some other nationalities are prohibited from owning real estate in Turkey in areas close to the borders of their country only, such as Greece, Iran and Iraq, and they are allowed to own property in other areas such as Istanbul and Ankara.

So it is necessary to know this in advance. In addition, if the goal of buying the property is to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property with a value of more than 400 thousand dollars, some nationalities do not allow dual citizenship, for example German citizenship that does not allow dual German citizenship with Turkish.

As it turned out with us, the decision to buy a property in Turkey on your own is a decision that carries a lot of risks, whether it is a type of title deed, or risks in choosing the right property, so it was necessary to seek the assistance of a real estate consultancy with extensive experience that you trust. Here, it must be noted that our legal and real estate advisory team is ready to receive any inquiries to reach you in choosing the most appropriate property while preserving your legal rights.