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Who is the Real Estate Consultant?

Who is the Real Estate Consultant?

A Real Estate Consultant is an expert in the real estate market, who is constantly aware of the latest residential and investment projects in the real estate market and is also familiar with all existing laws and legislations related to real estate, and the laws of agents interested in obtaining advice and owning real estate in the country in which the real estate consultant lives.

The Real Estate Consultant provides his services to clients and correctly advises them as required by his professional and ethical duty. It advises on real estate ownership, housing, investment, and related laws, to reach customers to the goals they aspire to from real estate ownership and avoid real estate fraud methods.

Stages of the Real Estate Consultant Process:

Stages of the Real Estate Consultant Process

The process of providing real estate consultancy begins with knowing and understanding the client’s requirements. The real estate consultant asks the client some questions to understand the nature of the desired property, and then explains the options in the market to the client, for example:

  • Is the property required for housing or investment?
  • The number of rooms required.
  • Is there a favorite area in which he would like to buy?
  • Client budget.

Then the real estate consultant gives the client the available options in all transparency and impartiality while informing him of some other details, such as:

  • Explain the difference between ready property and property under construction.
  • Explanation of the residential and investment features of each area.
  • Gives the client a clear idea of ​​the way the property is managed and the taxes incurred on real estate in general.
  • Develop a plan with the client to manage the property in the future, whether the property is for investment or housing.

After that, the real estate consultant sets a suitable date for the client for field visits to see the projects on the ground, with an explanation of all the pros and cons of the project, the property, and the region.

The real estate consultant also negotiates with the commissioner responsible for the property to be purchased to obtain the best price for the client without prejudice to either party.

And then the real estate consultant moves with the client to another stage, which is the stage of checking and explaining the terms of the contracts that the buyer will sign with the seller, and he intervenes for the benefit of the client if there is a defect in any clause of the contract.

The Real Estate Consultant remains with the client until the completion of all legal procedures related to the client's ownership of the property and obtaining the Title Deed (Tapu).

The Real Estate Consultant provides after-sales services to the client from opening subscriptions related to water, electricity, gas, and others. The real estate consultant also advises the client regarding furniture purchases and the best brands among them.

Skills of Real Estate Consultancy:

There are several skills that an experienced Real Estate Advisor must possess:

  • Punctuality.
  • Professional transparency.
  • Constant access to the latest laws related to the real estate market and real estate ownership.
  • Speed ​​in achievement.
  • Lazurd Real Estate Consulting Team:

Lazurd has a team of Real Estate Consultants with five years of experience in the Turkish market. It also has a legal team of lawyers who speak three languages ​​fluently (Arabic, Turkish and English), and they are always up to date with the latest Turkish laws related to the real estate market and real estate ownership in Turkey.

Lazurd team’s consultations are free of charge for their clients. Do not hesitate to contact us and get a free, safe, and reliable consultation on the number 00905526000380 (Calls | WhatsApp).