Turkish Nationality

lazurd real estate helps you to obtain Turkish citizenship by providing you with distinguished investment opportunities.

Turkish Nationality Law:

Turkish Nationality Law - Turkish Passport

The Turkish Nationality Law No. 5901 was issued in 2009, which regulates the actions related to the acquisition and loss of Turkish Citizenship, as well as defining the procedures and principles related to the implementation and regulation of Turkish Citizenship services. This law also stipulates in Article 3 of it that the ministry responsible for obtaining Turkish }itizenship is the Turkish Ministry of the Interior.

Advantages of Turkish Citizenship:

  • All family members under the age of 18 obtain Turkish }itizenship, including the Wife.
  • Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by purchasing a property does not require any prior knowledge of the Turkish Language or obtaining a Turkish Language Certificate.
  • Complete obtaining all official documents related to Turkish Citizenship (Turkish ID, Turkish Passport, etc...) from embassies and consulates abroad in the country in which you live.
  • Take advantage of the power of the Turkish Passport to travel to many countries around the the world without a visa.
  • The possibility of traveling to all European countries (Schengen countries) without obtaining a visa and completely freely in case of Turkey joining the European Union in the future.
  • Ease of making an invitation to family and relatives to obtain an entry visa to Turkey.
  • Benefiting of free medical services, in addition to discounts on medicines, for all family members residing in Turkey.
  • The Republic of Turkey allows dual Citizenship, that is, the original Citizenship can be retained in addition to Turkish Citizenship.

Legal ways to obtain Turkish Citizenship:

Legal ways to obtain Turkish Citizenship

There are many ways to obtain Turkish Citizenship, but it is considered to be the easiest and fastest way to obtain Turkish Citizenship by buying a property in Turkey, and we would like to introduce you to these methods:

  • Buying one or more real estate worth 250 thousand US dollars in Turkey, here we mention that a new decision was issued on 13/4/2022 to raise the value to 400 thousand dollars.
  • Turkish Citizenship by investment (refundable bank deposit of 500 thousand dollars).
  • Turkish Citizenship by birth.
  • Turkish Citizenship by marrying a Turkish Citizen.
  • Turkish Citizenship by real estate residence for five years.
  • Turkish Citizenship by student residence or work permit for five years.

Each of these methods has it's own details and conditions that must be met first, and you can contact Lazurd Real Estate Consulting team to inform you of all these details.

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